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IBM federal contracts ban lifted

While the temporary ban has been removed, Big Blue is still busy cooperating with an Environmental Protection Agency investigation.

IBM and the U.S. government are back in business.

The company announced Friday that a temporary suspension order, which had banned IBM from participating in new federal government contracts, has been lifted.

But while the ban, which lasted nine days, has been removed, Big Blue is still busy cooperating with the Environmental Protection Agency with the investigation that had triggered the broad suspension. The environmental agency is examining possible violations of its procurement process over IBM's bid for EPA business.

The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Virginia is also investigating the issue.

For Big Blue, removing the ban will bring a few more bucks its way. Last year, IBM generated nearly $1.43 billion from federal government contracts. That represented a 1.4 percent slice of its overall revenues of $98.8 billion last year.

Shares of IBM were down a hair in early morning trading to $115.80, down 19 cents.