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IBM customers need not worry over SCO

In response to the October 23, 2003, Perspective column written by Julie Giera "IBM should indemnify open-source customers":

Giera uses the recent SCO lawsuit as a basis for declaring that IBM should be offering legal indemnification to customers of its software products. She also states that prior to the SCO lawsuit that such an offer of protection would have been unheard of.

I'd like to remind her--as well as the editors at CNET SCO's lawsuit claims that IBM breached contract. That's something IBM's customers hardly have to worry about. Giera's article also fails to mention that SCO has yet to produce any evidence of intellectual property being stolen; their one example turned out to have been put into the public domain three times since the 1970s.

It would be appropriate to differentiate between what may be a legitimate concern for IBM's customers and the current SCO case that appears to be little more than a marketing ploy.

Christopher Morgan
Worcester, Mass.