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IBM, Bell Atlantic plan home networking

Big Blue and a subsidiary of Bell Atlantic say they are teaming up to deliver home networking systems to homeowners throughout the northeastern United States.

Computer giant IBM and a subsidiary of regional phone company powerhouse Bell Atlantic today announced they are teaming up to deliver home networking systems to homeowners throughout the northeastern United States.

The joint effort between IBM and Bell Atlantic Communications and Construction Services (BACCSI) is aimed at giving homeowners, builders, and developers a way to integrate advanced telecommunications infrastructure systems into a personal dwelling.

As a result, homes equipped by BACCSI and IBM will be able to network their PCs, distribute the signal from a single VCR or DVD player to any TV, share an Internet signal, and be equipped to take advantage of future home networking advances and devices.

The companies are hoping to take advantage of the rapid expansion of the Internet and growing numbers of intelligent devices and new transmission methods like ADSL to make home networking pervasive.

By working together, IBM and BACCSI are hoping to leverage each other's strengths to deliver home networking capabilities that ultimately benefit homeowners.

"Working together with BACCSI, IBM is expanding its reach in delivering technology solutions that match consumers' lifestyles and needs," Mike Braun, general manager, IBM Consumer Division, said in a statement.

The agreement between IBM and BACCSI is effective immediately, covering activity throughout the Bell Atlantic region from Maine to Virginia and has the potential to expand further into other markets where BACCSI has a presence. In addition, IBM and BACCSI will work together on market development, advertising, and research, as well as sales and technical support.

"Our agreement with IBM supports Bell Atlantic's broad product offerings and solutions in the fast-growing and increasingly competitive residential communications marketplace," BACCSI president Robert Burich said in a statement.