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IBM, Bausch & Lomb creating new app for cataract surgeons

Tech giant and eye-care provider are teaming up with an iOS app to provide doctors with insights before, during and after cataract surgeries.


IBM and Bausch & Lomb are creating a new app for Apple products, which they hope will provide more insight for doctors performing cataract surgeries.

The app's goal is to help doctors streamline their workflow with an easy way to compile a patient's information before, during and after cataract surgery, the tech giant and eye-care provider said Thursday.

Cataract surgery requires doctors to remove a clouded lens in a patient's eye and replace it with an artificial lens, called an intraocular lens, or IOL. The companies say the app will provide doctors with clinical insights to assist them with making the proper IOL selection prior to surgery.

And instead of using paper notes during surgeries, the app can give doctors the option of referring to their patient notes on an iPhone or iPad as well as on display screens in operating rooms.

Pilot testing of the new app is expected to start later this year.