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iBike helps iPad, iPhone Touch users get in better shape (CES podcast)

Velcomp was at CES with a device and app that turns an iPhone or iPad Touch into a bicycling computer and exercise monitor

iBike products turn iPhone or iPod Touch into a sophisticated bicycle computer and exercise monitor Velcom (screen shot by Larry Magid)

The North Hall at CES was the home to numerous fitness technology companies including Velocomp, the maker of the iBike line of cycling computers. The newest product, iBike Power House for iPhone and iPod Touch is billed as "the worldl's first intelligent cycling computer that automatically adjusts to your exercise goals."

The product, which consists of a water and shock resistant case for the iPhone/iTouch, has electronics that perform cycling measurements, including power exertion.

iBike Powerhouse is the newest iPhone/iPod Touch cycling computer from Velocomp Velocomp

Cycling computers, said Velocomp CEO John Harmon "have always been about numbers. "How far, how fast, what's my heart rate," (scroll down to listen to podcast). He said that iBike comes with "exercise plans that have been proven to get to results fast." He said the software has options depending on why you ride a bicycle. "What we've done is design our product, which is a complete system--electronics, a mount and an app--and you pick the benefits." Options include weight loss, cardiovascular fitness and a "weekend warrior' option for people who only ride occasionally. There is also a "Brazilian butt" program to help shape that part of your anatomy."

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