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Ibex documents available by email

Ibex Technologies announced an email document retrieval and delivery system for its database.

Ibex Technologies today announced the Email-On-Demand document retrieval and delivery system for its document database.

Through Email-On-Demand, users can send email to request information from a host that uses the Ibex document library. The Email-On-Demand server then analyzes the message for keywords, finds corresponding documents, and sends the matches back to the user by email or by fax.

When a new document is added to the Ibex document library, Email-On-Demand automatically updates its catalog of available information. It also supports storage of documents in multiple formats.

Email-On-Demand runs on Windows NT only and starts at $2,500. The fax option starts at $1,150 for one fax line. The company has not yet set a release date.