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iBattz Armor: Another extended-battery iPhone tough case arrives

More accessory makers, including iBattz, are releasing extended battery cases that offer increased protection.

The iBattz Armor for iPhone 4/4S is set to hit stores soon. No word on price yet. iBattz

A few weeks back, I wrote about how Mophie was coming out with the Juice Pack Pro, a rugged version of its extended-battery case for the iPhone 4/4S. Now iBattz has unveiled the Mojo Armor, its spin on a ultraprotective extended-battery case.

Compared with theJuice Pack Pro's integrated 2,500 mAh battery (that more than doubles the battery life of your iPhone), the iBattz includes two swappable 1700 mAh battery modules, which brings its total up to 3400 mAh. iBattz says it's, "shock, drop, dust, splash and child-proof." It comes in black, gray, or purple.

No word yet on what the Mojo Armor will cost, but I suspect it will sell for less than Juice Pack Pro, which carries a list price of $129.95 (yes, that's expensive).

If you're looking for something thinner, iBattz has also announced the Mojo Vogue. It also features two swappable 1700 mAH battery modules and comes in multiple colors.