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iAxe guitar: Shred face via USB

We've fallen in love with this thing

Crave UK

Crave loves tech arguably as much as we do music, so we can be excused for nearly soiling ourselves when the iAxe 393 USB Guitar showed up. It is, as the name suggests, a guitar that connects to your PC via a USB cable. How crazy is that?!

Don't let its computer-ness fool you--the manual says it's a proper 22-fret maple neck rock stick with a solid body, chrome machine heads, three single-coil pickups, 5-way switching and a vintage vibrato bridge. We don't even know what half of that means, but it sounds like it'll let you shred some serious face.

It's pretty easy to get decent results with this thing. We hooked it up in just a few minutes and got to grips with the accompanying Guitar Combos and Audacity software, which let you apply effects and edit music respectively.

Once you've chosen whether you want a "vintage rock" or "britpop" sound, the next step is literally to lay down some phat chords. There's even a list of the coolest riffs in the accompanying chord starter guide, in case you're a little rusty.

We've fallen so much in love with this thing that we've decided to wear a permanent introspective frown, paint our nails black and set up our own MySpace page. If you wanna hear Rory Reid and the Cravettes mashing it up with the iAxe 393 hit this link right now.

Reckon you can do better? Head over to, hand over 100 pounds and leave your band name in the comments section here.

(Source: Crave UK)