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i2 settles shareholder lawsuits

The software company, which has been plagued by accounting problems, will pay a total of $84.9 million, half of which will come from its insurance policy.

Software maker i2 Technologies announced Monday that it's reached a tentative settlement in a class-action and derivative lawsuits filed by shareholders. Under the agreement, i2 will pay a total of $84.9 million, half of which will come from the company's insurance policy. The suits, filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, stemmed from the company's accounting problems.

In July 2003, after a six-month internal investigation into accounting irregularities, the company restated four years of its financial results. Later that year, its chief financial officer resigned. Dallas-based i2 specializes in complex business applications designed to help manufacturers forecast and plan production schedules and shipments of supplies.