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I shall call him...miniremote

I shall call him...miniremote

Plenty of people have opted for an entertainment PC experience without Windows Media Center Edition, thanks to popular DVR apps like SnapStream's Beyond TV. One thing that draws users to that particular platform is the handy Firefly remote that Snapstream bundles with the app (and also sells separately).

But while branded Microsoft Media Center remotes come in all shapes and sizes, the Firefly has always been a bit on the, um, chunky side. Apparently, it was a bigger issue than we thought, because SnapStream is now offering a new product called the Firefly Mini.

The Mini is two inches shorter than the traditional version and a little bit lighter. It loses a few buttons along the way, but unlike its big brother, the Mini offers driverless installation, so it's easy to plug and play. And like the original Firefly, it works with a variety of other apps, including Media Center. So if coffee-table space is at an absolute premium, or your arms are too enfeebled by years of media consumption to hoist a full-size remote, SnapStream is selling the Mini via its Web site for around $29.