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I scoop, you scoop, we all scoop and stack

Class up your dessert plates with this ice cream scoop that creates perfect cylinders of creamy deliciousness.

It's almost too pretty to eat. Almost. Cuispro

Ice cream is a staple of my diet. And with five kids in the house, we serve up a fair amount of the good stuff 'round these parts. But even with a lot of practice, I've never been good at packing ice cream into a cone. I often wind up smushing the cone, which leads to many tears and much whining. And then the kids start complaining!

But seriously, folks, this ice cream scoop and stack tool from Cuispro is a neat little kitchen gadget that lets you create an attractive presentation with very little effort. Its simple twist-and-lift action can cut through even the hardest ice cream, and the push-button release drops your cylindrical block of ice cream right into your cone--no smushing required.

You can also plate your ice cream for easy decorating and classier styling. Each scoop holds 3.75oz of ice cream, and the scoop is top-rack dishwasher safe. It costs about $15, and you can choose the color that best complements your favorite flavor.