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I-mate debuts two Windows Mobile smart phones

I-mate debuts two Windows Mobile smart phones

We've been patiently waiting for I-mate to release some follow-up hits to its Jam, and it looks like we've got them--well, sort of. The company introduced two new smart phones at CTIA this week, the I-mate JAQ and the I-mate SPL. Images and rumors of the former started appearing on the Web a few weeks before the show, and it was quickly dubbed a Moto Q killer, but we saw it live and in person, and umm, not so much. Though it's packed with features (Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC Edition, Bluetooth, 128MB ROM/64MB RAM, 2.8-inch touch screen), the quad-band smart phone is huge. Plus, it feels plasticky and cheap. On the other hand, the second model they announced, the I-mate SPL, is another story. This sleek candy-bar-style phone reminded us of the Motorola Slvr and runs Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone Edition (so no touch screen). It also features a 2-megapixel camera, 128MB ROM/64MB RAM, and Bluetooth. Both models offer push e-mail capabilities. The I-mate JAQ will go for about $399, while pricing was not available for the I-mate SPL. We're in line to get these devices, so hopefully they'll be waiting for us when we get back to San Francisco. Check back soon for full reviews.