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I like my computer accessories with whipped cream, strawberries

Designer creates a waffle iron that produces keyboard-shaped waffles

Make sure the batter reaches the edge or you might be out an Alt and a Ctrl button. Chris Dimino

Sometimes kitchen gadgets are expensive and innovative, and sometimes they're truly useless.

More often than not, the truly useless kitchen gadgets I come across end up on my "tell all of your friends not to waste their money" list. But sometimes, I find a useless kitchen gadget that tugs on my heartstrings just hard enough for me to really appreciate them.

We've all seen some variation on the heart-shaped waffle maker , but designer Chris Dimino took the idea a step farther to create a waffle iron that makes waffles shaped like--wait for it--keyboards.

I'm totally a fan, not just because I'm a blogger and, consequently in front of a computer long enough to appreciate the keyboard confection. In addition to being a foodie, I'm also a self-professed computer geek, and I think there's something super exciting about a space bar full of maple syrup.

Dimino's typewriter series features several items that were made from old and unusable typewriters, including a vacuum cleaner and a table hockey game. This means that the keyboard iron is a one-of-a-kind innovation that probably won't be showing up anywhere at your local Crate and Barrel, but it's definitely still worthy of a nerd-inspired blog-based pat on the back.