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i-Kids lets lost children hit panic button

A two-way GPS locating system

It's a simple fact of life: Good ideas often miss something obvious that would make them great ideas. One example is GPS devices for locating lost or missing children.


Many of the tracking technologies we've seen are basically one-way systems--you stick a sensor onto a backpack or clothes, then the parent tracks it with a main unit. But why not make it work the other way around as well?

The "i-Kids" safety system promises to do just that, giving your child a device that allows them to touch a single button that alerts you to his or her location immediately up to 65 feet away. That's not the farthest range, but if you have or had small kids you know that it doesn't take much for them to get lost and for you to panic.

The price of the accompanying service is probably too steep for mass markets (about $31 a month, according to Red Ferret), but competition would undoubtedly make systems like this more affordable. The only other suggestion we have is to combine the units with MP3 players or game devices--two uses that would greatly improve the chances of your kids not losing them.