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I can has cheezburger in a can?

A German outdoors retailer sells canned cheeseburgers for extra-rugged adventurers.

Trekking Mahlzeiten

With all the talk of lolcats and their beloved "cheezburgers," it's no surprise that this cheeseburger in a can is spreading like wildfire across the Web. Apparently you just open up the can and take out the cheeseburger, and maybe heat it up somehow before you eat it. Amazing. I guess these mean we're really prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

The "Cheeseburger in a Can," sold by a German outdoors retailer called Trekking Mahlzeiten, is only 257 calories, which is awesome, but it still costs 3.95 euros, which our lousy exchange rate translates into about six bucks. Can or no can, that's just exorbitant; I'll only eat a six-dollar hamburger if it's served at a restaurant with a full bar and a mechanical bull...with really tasty fries on the side.