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I am MacLovin

Yes, Virginia, Mac users like Macs.

The Macalope doesn't really have a lot to add to the discussion going on over Tom Krazit's piece entitled Why do Apple customers care so much? -- Tom hits an even tone on an incendiary subject that's reached a crossroads of sorts -- other than to make two points.

First, it's fair to say that if one liked anything quite a bit -- chocolate, sex, liquor, sex with multiple partners, sex with multiple partners that included chocolate and liquor -- one might be inclined to promote that thing to others and not understand why others insist that that thing sucks, particularly when most of them have not even tried it and/or know little about it.

Second, it's an interesting statistical anecdote that while the Mac inspired a 13-year-old to shave an Apple logo into his hair, it was the Zune that inspired this dude.


You know...

Let's not make too big a deal out of it.