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HzO looking to make splash with smartphone waterproofing

A company called HzO has new waterproof technology that can protect your mobile devices inside and out, and it could find its way into Apple and Samsung smartphones this year.


According to a recent study, 19 percent of you have lost your smartphone due to a fatal meeting with the toilet. Putting aside the disturbing fact that some people can't part with their phone for a precious few moments, wouldn't it be nice not to worry about your mobile device, should it take a tumble into the commode or any other body of water?

Well, it could happen, and even better, it could happen this year.

A company called HzO developed a nanofilm waterproof coating that can protect your electronics from the perils of water, but it's a bit different from some of the other solutions out there, such as NeverWet and Liquipel.

The difference is that HzO's WaterBlock is applied during the manufacturing stage instead of after, so it safeguards the insides of your phone, tablet, or MP3 player--and not just the outside. The company uses what it calls a vacuum deposition process to apply the protective film at room temperature, so at no point is heat--which can damage a device's circuitry--introduced during the process.

HzO says it already has a system for applying WaterBlock to a high volume of units and adds that it's made from nontoxic, organic material that doesn't change the look, feel, or weight of a device. However, the product isn't meant to make your smartphone dive- or swim-friendly. Rather, it's designed to ensure that your favorite gadget keeps on ticking, in case it goes for a dip in the pool.

The company has already tested WaterBlock on a number of smartphones and tablets, including the Apple iPhone 4S, the Samsung Galaxy S II, the Amazon Kindle Fire, and the Apple iPad.

HzO told Pocket-lint that the company is in talks with Samsung and Apple, as well as a company that makes headphones, to possibly manufacture their devices with the technology.

HzO President Paul Clayson said he expects to see WaterBlock-treated consumer devices this summer and plans to expand its use to other electronics, including cameras, solid-state laptops, medical equipment, and gaming devices.

(Via Los Angeles Times)