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Hyundai's E4U vehicle is an egg on training wheels

Hyundai's new personal motor vehicle comes with headgear that serves as the "roof."


Segways are run of the mill these days. To turn heads with an unusual vehicle, you need something like the Hyundai E4U.

Recently unveiled at the ongoing 2013 Seoul Motor Show, the E4U is a one-seater that can move easily in any direction. It travels on a rotating front sphere and two rear training-wheel-like supports. Propulsion is controlled by foot pedals, which cause the spherical front to tilt.

In a demo at the car show, the pod moved at about walking speed, according to Japan's Nikkei Tech-On Web site, which provides us with this remarkable photo of the E4U and what must be some of the stupidest headgear ever conceived.

The transparent helmet is actually the egg's "roof," which comes with a chinstrap. So the E4U is wearable too. Does that make you want to drive it?

Tech-On adds that the pod is the product of Hyundai's Advanced Design Department, and that the initial letter "E" represents egg, evolution, and ecology.

A Hyundai blog post about the show had a few photos, but no details on the E4U.

Somehow I don't think we'll be seeing these on the street anytime soon.