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Tech Industry

Hyundai booth raided at German tech fair

Customs police seize flat-screen TVs from the company's booth at the IFA consumer electronics show.

The Hyundai IT booth at the IFA electronics fair in Berlin got some unwanted visitors on Saturday: German customs police.

Police seized flat-screen TVs from the South Korean company's booth as visitors watched, according to Reuters. The raid followed Thursday's German court ruling that Hyundai IT and other companies were planning to display unlicensed patented tech at the fair, Reuters said. A customs official told the wire service that 69 raids had been authorized.

The official wouldn't name the other companies but said about 170 TVs, 140 digital audio players, 21 cell phones, and 57 DVD recorders had been seized so far, Reuters said. The wire service said that Hyundai could not immediately be reached for comment.

IFA, which began Friday and runs through Wednesday, is among the largest consumer electronics shows in the world.