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Tech Industry

HyperTransport Consortium adds new members

Supercomputer maker Cray, plus six others, join the likes of AMD, IBM, Cisco and Apple to help spread the speedy technology.

Eight more companies have joined the HyperTransport Consortium, a group dedicated to developing and popularizing the high-speed data input-output technology. The new members: CPU Technology, supercomputing specialist Cray, Dolphin Technology, Fabric7 Systems, HDL Design House, Iwill, Mitsui Zosen System Research and Triolin.

Advanced Micro Devices, IBM, Cisco Systems, Apple Computer and about 35 other companies have already have adopted the technology, which is capable of shuttling 22.4 gigabits of data per second in total between two different processors. Roughly 26 million parts containing the technology were shipped last year, according to In-Stat. To join the consortium and use the technology, members must pay annual fees.