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Hyperloop video brings sci-fi to life, shows 190 mph test

Footage of an actual capsule shooting along a tube makes a crazy idea seem anything but.

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You mean it wasn't just an Elon Musk fever dream?

Hyperloop One loads its XP-1 test pod into the depressurized tube.

Hyperloop One loads its XP-1 test pod into the depressurized tube.

Hyperloop One; Youtube screenshot by CNET

Apparently not, as we're now seeing a real-world, magnet-powered Hyperloop pod levitate its way through a tube at an impressive clip.

On Wednesday, Hyperloop One, one of two companies working to bring Musk's concept to life, posted a video of its XP-1 test pod flying along at 190 mph in a tube free of air resistance.

This is two and a half months after the firm flaunted video of its first depressurized-tube test, which featured just the vehicle's chassis gliding ahead at about 65 mph. And it's a mere four years after Musk first floated the idea.

Yeah, it sorta feels like sci-fi come to life, but we're not there yet. The 190 mph speed is far short of the 700 mph goal, and many other details need to be worked out.

Still, it's exhilarating to root for this futuristic Little Engine That Could, and to entertain the now-more-real idea of zipping from San Francisco to LA or New York to Washington in half an hour.