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Hyperloop hopes? Musk won't build transit system himself

The billionaire behind Tesla and SpaceX says he doesn't have the time to revolutionize public transit, at least not right now.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said this is the closest guess he's seen so far to his hyperloop design. Illustration by

Elon Musk is a busy man -- perhaps too busy to revolutionize public transportation right now, but maybe give him a few more years.

That was the message CEO Musk gave to analysts on Tesla's earnings call yesterday when asked about his plans to reveal his design for a so-called "hyperloop" public transit system to shoot travelers through some sort of tube at near supersonic speeds.

"I don't have any plan to execute (the hyperloop), because I must remain focused on SpaceX and Tesla," Musk said, explaining that he feels he "kind of shot myself" (in the foot, I guess?) by "ever mentioning hyperloop."

Musk continues to say that he still plans to release "quite a detailed design I think on Monday and then invite critical feedback and see if the people can find ways to improve it."

Musk hinted that if the open-sourced design hasn't been taken up by another crazy superhero-billionaire type in a few more years, perhaps it could make sense for Tesla to be involved in getting the hyperloop off the ground (or under it?).

Fortunately, for all our iconoclastic billionaire readers, the folks at put together the below infographic to help you visualize how you can get started building the future of transport. I suggest studying up now so you can be ready to spring into action when the full design drops next week.

As for the rest of our readers, what do you think? Will anyone ever build this thing? Let us know in the comments.

Via: The Verge, Gizmodo