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Hyperic service simplifies systems management

Open-source systems management specialist Hyperic's Operations IQ service is making data center and application performance metrics more approachable.

As we navigate the second year of a global recession, enterprises need to be looking for ways to optimize existing infrastructure. Sure, new IT projects will bring in additional technologies, an increasing percentage of which will be open source and software as a service, but the pressure is on to do more with less.

Hyperic, an open-source systems management company, just released a new service--Hyperic Operations IQ--in partnership with open-source Business Intelligence vendor JasperSoft, which promises to do just that.

Hyperic isn't taking any chances on the integration with Jasper server, either: the company hired JasperSoft's ex-chief technology officer, Barry Klawans, to lead development on the integrated product.

I normally don't care much about product announcements, as this blog is more about strategy than technology. But I like what Hyperic Operations IQ promises: a tool that gives IT executives and business managers the same insight into IT performance and Web operations as highly technical system administrators. In other words, Hyperic and JasperSoft are lowering the bar to systems management utility.

As Javier Soltero, Hyperic's founder and CEO, declares:

For companies who are dependent on Web technologies, access to data center and application performance metrics is a critical strategic weapon that should not be limited to the IT and operations teams. Service-level interruptions or downtime can have serious implications to a company's bottom line.

With Hyperic Operations IQ, our customers can see everything that's happening in their data centers at every level of the stack. They'll be able to make better and timelier decisions to support their customers and strengthen their businesses.

This is a smart business move. Why? Because the more people within its customer base that Hyperic can invite into its product experience, the more support it will have at renewal or upgrade time. Making systems management an executive affair is shrewd and should pay dividends.

Disclosure: I am an adviser to JasperSoft.

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