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Hyperic gets big in Europe

Hyperic is bulking up on its European operations to satisfy rising demand.

Roberto Galoppini has a great write-up on Hyperic, a leading open-source systems management company, and its efforts to crack the European market. After seeing 50 percent of its downloads trend toward Europe, Hyperic has begun hiring technical and sales resources to manage its growth there.

It's no surprise to see Hyperic doing so well. Hyperic has long been one of the most prudent open-source companies, managing (and driving) its growth well. Lately it has been delivering things like CloudStatus to help companies monitor their cloud-based computing resources. (As a testament to how good it is, Hyperic was the first to discover Amazon's recent S3 outage.)

As Hyperic continues to execute against its business model, I expect that it will increasingly reap from the fertile ground of Europe. Sometimes companies get exactly what they deserve.