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'HyperBike': Godzilla on two wheels

Don't mess with this monster.


If there's a Hummer equivalent for bicycles, this would be it. The aptly named "HyperBike" was ostensibly made by inventor Curtis DeForest because he wanted to "keep up with traffic," but we suspect that he got tired of being pushed around by SUVs and wanted to level the playing field a little.

Regardless of its origins, this human-powered monstrosity is a force to be reckoned with, reaching speeds up to 50 mph on tilted wheels measuring 8 feet high. As SCI FI Tech notes, it's technically not a bicycle because it has a small third wheel in the front, but we dare anyone to call this beast a "trike."

It's so cumbersome that the rider needs to be strapped in, presumably to keep from flying off and becoming roadkill. See the mad inventor himself demonstrate it in the video below.