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Hydraulic Press Channel crushes its own YouTube award

YouTube's Silver Play Button award faces the punishing strength of a hydraulic press and shows the world just how tough it is.

Much like hit records earn awards, YouTube channels get special commemorative trophies for reaching subscriber milestones. The first of these is the Silver Play Button for racking up 100,000 subscribers. It's silver-plated and personalized with the channel name. The Hydraulic Press Channel, a goofy channel dedicated to crushing things in a hydraulic press, recently received its Silver Play Button and naturally attempted to smoosh it into oblivion.

The Silver Play Button is surprisingly resilient. It doesn't shatter. It doesn't squish out from the sides of the press, though it does have to be pried off the platform. It definitely fared much better than previous press victims like Lego toys and a smaller hydraulic press. The button's fortitude earns it a spot in the press operator's personal hall-of-fame display, which also includes a crushed diamond.

There should be more Play Buttons coming for the channel. It currently has more than 1.2 million subscribers, making it eligible for a Gold Play Button. It will need to attract over 10 million subscribers to get to the next level, the elusive Diamond Play Button. The Hydraulic Press Channel is already thinking ahead to getting a more powerful press to welcome its next big awards.