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Hyd-Ride: the Cargobike fuel-cell tricycle

Masterflex designs a hydrogen fuel-cell powered bicycle


If you're looking for a hydrogen vehicle somewhere in between a fuel-cell powered flying car and a fuel-cell powered wheelchair, German company Masterflex Brennstoffzellentechnik has the answer: a fuel-cell powered Cargobike.

The three-wheeled electric bicycle runs on power generated from its 250-watt fuel cell, which is fueled by an onboard 90-gram low-pressure hydrogen tank. (It can also be powered by good, old-fashion pedal power when the H2 runs out).) According to its designers, the Cargobike has a range of 250km and can accelerate to 6km per hour without assistance. In addition to powering the wheels, electricity from the fuel cell can be used for the front headlights or for onboard systems such as refrigeration of the cargo area.

The bike, which was designed primarily for commercial applications such as mail delivery, was introduced as a prototype last year and is now ready for production, according to Masterflex.