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Hybrid unity

The 2007 Hybridfest takes place in Madison, Wisc., July 21 through July 22.

The second-annual Hybridfest takes place in Madison, Wisc., on July 21 and 22, so if you love your hybrid and need a summer vacation idea, consider sharing the love with a bunch of other hybrid owners. The organizers want to get 200 hybrid owners to bring their cars and put them on display. Last year, they had more than 160 from 21 states and Canada show up, plus 2,000 people interested in seeing hybrids in action. Toyota, GM, and Ford are sponsors of the event, and should have some of their latest hybrids on hand for test-drives. This year there will also be information on ethanol, biodiesel, hydrogen, and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The event has a strong environmental focus, and will present various speakers on these issues.

The most interesting part of Hybridfest is the MPG Challenge, a 20-mile course where hybrid owners can compete to see who gets the best mileage. Last year's contestants ranged from 73mpg all the way up to 150mpg.

Click here for information about Hybridfest 2007.