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Hybrid headset makes public debut

Bluetooth technology developed by Nokia is faster and uses a 10th of the power.

Bluetooth is about to get a touch of green. CSR has given its first public demonstration of a headset powered by technology that uses only a tenth of the energy consumed by its standard counterparts.


The technology, previously known as "Wibree," was developed and licensed by Nokia a few years ago and is finally preparing to come to market. Developed for short distances--from handset to ear, for instance--the system transfers data much faster than standard Bluetooth connections and therefore uses less energy.

CSR's version of the "ultra-low-power" Bluetooth system was shown at a medical conference in Luxembourg yesterday, according to SlashPhone. How low, you ask? The company claims that that devices can run up to 10 years on one button cell battery. By then, of course, we'll either have broken or lost the headset anyway.