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Hyatt gets it

Finally, a room with an iPod dock.

Hyatt hotels are adding iHome clock radios like this one to their rooms, letting guests wake up to whatever music they like. iHome

Maybe I've been staying in the wrong kind of places, but until now, I've never stayed in a hotel room that would let me use my MP3 player of choice for background music and to wake up in the morning. Not in downtown San Jose, not in Las Vegas--I had to come to the outskirts of D.C. to find a hotel room with an iHome radiothat included not only an iPod dock, but also a 1/8th" input for any other player of choice. Instead of waking up to NPR or a local classical music station, I was able to play the three Radiohead songs that were running through my head. It looks like this is becoming standard--a quick Google search revealed Hyatt hotels in Denver and Chicago boasting of the same amenity. Kudos to Hyatt, and here's hoping this trend trickles down to every hotel room in the country in the coming year.