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Hurry! You could win a trip to CES 2008 in Las Vegas!

If you're raring to get your grubby mitts on next year's hottest tech, you'd better get a move on -- just drop us a line and a link to your blog by this Friday

If you think you've got what it takes to bring us all the cutting-edge tech and juicy geek gossip from the greatest show on Earth, then here's your opportunity. is sending one blogger to CES 2008 in glorious Las Vegas to work with our richer, better-looking American cousins at But you'd better get a move on, because this fantastic competition closes at midnight on Friday night.

Here's the deal: we pay for your flight and hotel, you dash around the Consumer Electronics Show and blog about the hottest new products. This is very much a multimedia assignment -- you'll be doing video pieces for us too. Check out what we did last year for an idea of what you'll be up to.

All you have to do is send us an email -- by this Friday night -- with a link to your blog and 100 words or fewer on exactly why you're the tech-snorting, gadget-worshipping ultradork we're looking for. You've read Crave -- all it takes is a shedload of tech knowhow, a pinch of wit and the ability to stand after two bottles of cheap champagne.

The conditions, and indeed, the terms: you have to be over 18 years old, be available from 6 January to 10 January 2008, and you have to have a valid passport and a visa to enter the US (you should be able to sort that out in the meantime).

To enter: send us a link to your site and 100 words on why you're the best thing since RSS to The closing date is 26 October -- this Friday. Good luck! -Nick Hide

Update: This competition has now closed. We'll announce the winner shortly.