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Bomb squad detonates Civil War weaponry exposed by hurricane

Hurricane Matthew uncovered a perilous part of American history on a South Carolina beach.

This piece of history had to be destroyed for safety reasons.

Charleston County Sheriff's Office

Hurricane Matthew scoured the Florida and southeastern coast of the US over the weekend. The damaging storm acted like an archaeologist in South Carolina when it uncovered a potentially dangerous piece of history at Folly Beach.

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office was called in to deal with the cache of Civil War-era ordnance on Sunday.

The metal shells appear worn and pitted, which isn't surprising considering they date back to nearly 150 years ago. This region of South Carolina was a major staging area for Union troops. "Despite the the jungle-like foliage, the soldiers constructed roads, forts, an artillery battery, and a supply depot," stated the City of Folly Beach.

The artillery could still be explosive despite the age of the shells and thus needed to be detonated. The Post and Courier reported that nearby residents could hear the explosion when the sheriff's bomb squad detonated some of the ordnance on site.

US Air Force explosion experts also examined the weaponry. The sheriff's office posted this final update: "Folly Beach ordnance detonation successfully completed. Small amount will be transported to Navy Base."