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Hurricane Charley blows through Web

Florida residents and their friends and families flock to the Net to track the progress and aftermath of the storm.

Florida residents and their friends and families were flocking to the Web on Friday to track the progress and aftermath of Hurricane Charley, which has been hammering the state's Gulf Coast with winds of more than 140 miles per hour.

Online destination No. 1 is likely to be the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration's National Hurricane Center, which includes updated advisories, maps and forecasts.

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For a full multimedia storm, The Weather Channel has bulletins, video, photos and more.

The Weather Underground has plenty of maps and charts but appeared to be having trouble keeping up with server demand Friday afternoon.

Among local news outlets, The Tampa Tribune has some of the most complete coverage, including lots of resources for area folks mopping up from the blast.

To learn more about hurricanes, try The Hurricane Hunters, the main site for the Air Force crews that fly into the eyes of major storms, or the University of Illinois' Online Meteorology Guide.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency provides lots of tips on how to ride out the big blow.

And if Charley has left you with a big mess to clean up, the fast-think folks at Engineered Plastic Systems have already snagged a Google paid search on "hurricane."