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Hungry li'l shredder wants to eat your yummy junk mail

Why isn't some Japanese company creating an anime version?

This is one of the few gadgets that I think would actually be enhanced by the presence of a cute, anthropomorphic face. The MailMate shredder, as featured on Outblush, is hungry and will only be satisfied if you feed it lots of junk mail! Wouldn't it be satisfying to feed all those credit card offers, sweepstakes promotions, and what-have-you into the mouth of an adorable, anime-inspired monster? If Domo-kun could eat my junk mail, it'd make my day.

What makes the MailMate special is that it won't just chomp up paper. It also likes to snack on CDs (helloooo, AOL), small paper clips, credit cards, and staples. So you can be sure that none of that junk mail you get will leave this little fellow with an upset stomach.

Mmm, tasty!

Shouldn't this cute shredder look like Domo-kun?