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See a whale calf try to save its stranded mother

A humpback whale family encounters a harrowing situation when mom becomes stuck on a sandbar with a young one by her side.

Two humpback whales, a mother and a child, found themselves stranded in shallow waters in an Australian bay this week. The much larger mom was in an especially bad position, with her body stuck on top of a sandbar. A video shows the young calf pushing at her side, trying to nudge her free.

Local station 7 News Queensland shared footage of the calf and its mom in Moreton Bay, noting that the pair was stuck for about 12 hours before high tide let them loose. Humpback whales stop over in the Moreton Bay Marine Park on their migration route to Antarctic waters.

The same situation occurred again later when the mother became stranded on another sandbar a small distance away from the original site. The still-nursing calf stayed with its mom through the ordeal.

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending.

"Both mum and bub are doing well and we've been keeping an eye on them to make sure they clear the shallow waters," Queensland park rangers noted in a Facebook update. They also requested that anyone out in a boat steer clear of the pair to give them ample room to swim free.