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Hummer handset for the true road warrior

Right down to its camo look


Move over, Porsche--you can stay at the museum in your pretty aluminum-milled handset. The road, meanwhile, will belong to the Hummer phone.

The "HT1" returns to Hummer's military roots, at least superficially, with a camo-designed casing to protect a 2.2-inch touch screen, 2-megapixel camera, FM radio and 2MB of built-in memory. Newlaunches says it's the creation of French design firm ModeLabs, which is known for its unique concepts especially where phones are concerned.

The camouflage look, of course, is the closest this $400 handset will ever get to the battlefield. But we think the company should promote it anyway, because the phone's other designs look a lot like so many other handsets flooding the market. And as we all know, image is everything for the Hummer owner, whether the vehicle is a golf cart or gold-plated.