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Humble Indie Bundle 8 brings the big guns

The latest Humble Bundle brings an excellent selection of indie games, including Hotline Miami and Dear Esther.

The latest Humble Bundle brings an excellent selection of indie games, including Hotline Miami, Little Inferno and Dear Esther.

(Credit: Humble Bundle)

If you've been sitting on the fence about picking up some indie titles, the newest Humble Bundle has brought some truly excellent titles to the table, with a plethora of awards under their belts.

The base bundle includes five titles:

  • Tomorrow Corporation's creepy first-person "burn everything" title Little Inferno, which walked away with the award for technical excellence at this year's Independent Games Festival;
  • Action-packed multiplayer platformer Awesomenauts, which sees you fighting epic battles three-on-three;
  • 2D exploration platformer Capsized, a game about an astronaut stranded on an alien planet, which won the 2010 Saskatchewan Interactive Media Association game of the year and a nomination for the 2012 Canadian Game Awards best downloadable game;
  • Minimalist puzzle platformer Thomas Was Alone, which won a 2012 BAFTA for narrator Danny Wallace's performance; and
  • Experimental first-person adventure Dear Esther, a tale told in letters to a long-lost woman, which swept up the 2012 Independent Games Festival award for excellence in visual arts, the 2012 Develop award for best use of narrative, and the 2012 TIGA Games Industry Awards for originality, best action adventure game, best visual design, best audio design and best debut title.

If you pay over the average — US$5.68 at time of writing — you get two additional games: top-down shooter Hotline Miami and the gorgeous exploration game Proteus.

It's an absolutely stellar package, and worth it for any one of its titles alone. Head on over to the Humble Bundle website to snap it up.