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Humble drip coffeemaker heats up

The Bunn Phase Brew Coffee Maker features a two-stage brewing process. First water is fully heated, and then it is released over coffee grounds.

Wait for it...
Wait for it... Bed Bath & Beyond

Drip coffeemakers have to be one of the best inventions ever. Simple to use, they offer intuitive operation that anyone can enjoy. And besides, they make coffee; can't get much better than that. Despite their basic operation, or perhaps because of it, drip coffeemakers have become ubiquitous appliances that have a place in any home. For the most part, all these coffeemakers operate on the same principle: water slowly drips through coffee grounds on its way to becoming a magical elixir.

The Bunn Phase Brew Coffee Maker operates a little differently than a standard drip coffeemaker model. Featuring a heating phase in which water is completely brought up to temperature, the coffeemaker holds the water until it is ready. This six-minute heating phase is designed to allow for full extraction of flavor. When the water is fully heated, a four-minute brewing phase releases the water over the coffee grounds.

Coffeemaker-makers as well as coffee-drinkers love to experiment (as long as the end result is a good cup of coffee). Features that prove to be beneficial have a way of ending up in every model. (Just for the record, one of the more popular features--programmable start time--is incorporated on this model.) A humble drip coffeemaker may be found in practically every household, but with constantly evolving features, it may be worth a second look.