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Name your price for science fiction written by scientists

This Humble Book Bundle lets you grab sci-fi books by space psychologists, astrophysicists, geneticists and other scientists, while raising money for charity.


"Hollyweird Science: From Quantum Quirks to the Multiverse" discusses classic films from scientific perspectives by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory research scientist Kevin R. Grazier.

Humble Bundle

Science fiction can be extra enjoyable when it's written by real scientists.

The latest Humble Book Bundle offers sci-fi novels written by practicing scientists specializing in genetics, astrophysics and psychology.

Humble Bundles let you pay what you want for select digital media, with some proceeds typically supporting charity. In this case, money goes to organizations including UNICEF and Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America.

For $1 (about 75 pence, AU$1.33) or more, you get "The Protos Mandate: A Scientific Novel," "A Man From Planet Earth: A Scientific Novel," "On the Shores of Titan's Farthest Sea," "The Hunt for FOXP5: A Genomic Mystery Novel," "The Hunter: A Scientific Novel" and "Beyond Human: Engineering Our Future Evolution."

If you pay $8 (about £6, AU$11) or more, you'll get that plus "The Return of Vaman: A Scientific Novel," "The Caloris Network: A Scientific Novel," "The New Martians: A Scientific Novel," "Small Doses of the Future: A Collection of Medical Science Fiction Stories," "Murder on the Einstein Express and Other Stories" and "Alien Encounter: A Scientific Novel."

Pay $15 (about £11 or AU$20) or more and you'll end up with all of the above plus "Using Medicine in Science Fiction: The SF Writer's Guide to Human Biology," "Hollyweird Science: From Quantum Quirks to the Multiverse," "Exploring Science Through Science Fiction" and "If the Universe Is Teeming with Aliens...Where is Everybody?"

All these books would usually cost up to $294 (about £222, AU$392). The books are available in multiple digital formats. This Humble Book Bundle ends on September 28.