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Humax LU23-TDR2: An LCD TV for every location

Get bored while you brush your teeth? Why not mount a TV in every room of the house? With the Humax U23, you'll be constantly entertained, if financially destitute

Once upon a time, when TVs were made from gigantic lumps of glass and other large and heavy materials, it was only really possible to put them in larger rooms. Sure, manufacturers tried to miniaturise TVs to put them in clock radios and handheld screens but they were generally black and white, or utterly awful. These days, you can get flat-panel TVs that are small enough to go anywhere, and the Humax U23 is one of those.

The uses for a small LCD are virtually limitless. You can put it anywhere your imagination can conceive -- as long as there's a plug nearby. We've been so pleased to see such a compact screen, we've even toyed with the idea of popping it in the bathroom, so we can catch up on Loose Women while we're flossing.

The U23 is also a well-specified little bundle of joy. It features HDMI in, as well as component, Scart and even a PC input, for hooking up an Xbox 360 or media centre PC. The TV also has a 720p display, which makes it ideal for use with the games console of your choice.

The U23-TD2 has a recommended price of £400, which makes it a fairly expensive addition to a kitchen/shed/cupboard under the stairs. But if you're determined to be entertained in a number of locations, that's the price you'll have to pay. It's just a shame it's not waterproof.

Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to install a few VESA wall mounts in strategic locations. You know, to keep us entertained when we're away from our desks. -Ian Morris