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Humans can't resist giving to panhandling robot

Don-8r is a robot that runs on donated coins. It's also helping out a science center in Scotland. Would you spare a few pennies?

Spare some change? Don-8r was inspired by attitudes toward charity workers soliciting on the street. Tim Pryde

For a robot, Don-8r looks a little pathetic. That's fine because people can't stop opening their wallets to help this automated panhandler.

Tim Pryde is a design student at the University of Dundee in Scotland. He created the 2-foot bot to collect cash for charity, and it's been out taking donations for the Dundee Science Centre, which is branded on the machine.

Constructed of vacuum-formed plastic and simple electronics (see the build details here), Don-8r rolls along the ground waving its flag until it flashes a red light and asks passersby for help; coins can be inserted in a slot.

It then goes on its way again, until it stops for more cash. If it bumps into an obstacle it makes an "Ow!" sound and turns to go around it.

The bot collected about 15 pounds ($25) over two days of working a shopping area in Dundee. As the video below shows, people can't seem to stop stuffing coins into it.

Don-8r isn't the first cash-collecting robot, and has to work relatively hard for a pound. Min-su Kim's Dona panhandling robot looks so cute that it doesn't even have to move around to get attention--and money.

(Via SlashGear)