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Human Torch drone disturbs and wows with fiery flying

"Fantastic Four" is coming this week, and we have a nifty publicity stunt in the form of a flying drone version of the Human Torch.

That is one hot drone. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Normally, if you saw a blazing human form dashing through the air, you would scream and call emergency services. But if that combustible humanoid is a stand-in for the Human Torch, the fiery superhero from Marvel's Fantastic Four, then you would cheer it on.

Camera drones captured an entertaining video, posted Monday, of an experimental flying Human Torch drone as a PR stunt ahead of the August 7 debut of the new "Fantastic Four" movie.

The human-shaped drone body had the name "Johnny" stenciled on it and its arms stretched back in a classic "I'm flying!" position. The superhero's alter ego is named Jonathan "Johnny" Storm. The character is played by Michael B. Jordan, known for "Friday Night Lights" and "The Wire." The actor himself appeared to be nowhere near the red-hot flight zone.

It all starts with a remote switch labeled "Flame on" triggering an intense fire all over the drone. It shoots into the air and swoops and dives with a trail of smoke behind it. A burning version of the Fantastic Four logo lights up the ground below.

The stunt took place at the Nassau County Fire Service Academy in New York. This was a good idea considering the whole point of the experiment was to send a flaming object shooting through the sky. Nearly a dozen firefighters in full regalia were on hand to quickly douse any rogue fires.

The dropped in January, bringing with it a somber, brooding tone full of dramatic piano music and slow panning shots of our superheroes looking tortured and sad as a narrator warns us all about "consequences." One thing is certain: there will be fire.