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Human nature means record labels lose out

In response to the September 27 Perspectives column by Charles Cooper, "Oops, they did it again":

I do agree that the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) has a big problem. A lot of their "value add" isn't any longer. Manufacture and distribution of music can be done for practically nothing over the Internet.

However, the argument that "people buy more music if they download," I believe to be false. Sure, maybe there are a few people like you who do it, but in general, voluntary contributions don't work.

Consider shareware. Name a millionaire who made it because of an awesome shareware program.

When things got tight here, the snack machine started requiring money. Some communist thinkers added a can that said "Put your change in here (for the poor slob without any)." The right thinkers put in $10 of change to begin with. Within a week the can contained only pennies, and there it stayed. That's human nature, which justifies taking more than you give.

Neal Castagnoli
San Jose, Calif.