Hulu to host NBC shows before they hit broadcast

Web video portal will stream season premieres of Chuck and 30 Rock before the shows are available on network TV.

Fans of such NBC shows as Knight Rider, Chuck, and 30 Rock will be able to see their season premieres first on Hulu.

NBC Universal, which created Hulu in partnership with News Corp., decided to debut the television series' seasons on the video site.

While this is the first time that Hulu has streamed season premieres from a major network, this isn't the first time it's happened. did it last year and according to Chris Albrecht over at Newteevee, HBO released Flight of the Conchords on the Web last year as well.

Still, the trend of premiering TV shows on the Web continues to illustrates how much TV networks and cable channels are beginning to respect the Internet as a distribution channel.

While Hulu is hosting a season premiere from one of its founders, the next step for the company is to convince another top studio or TV network to unveil a show at the site. Since launching last spring, Hulu has been out trying to sign new partners and boost it's content offering.

Right now, about 90 companies, including MGM, Sony Pictures Television, and Warner Bros. supply Hulu with content. The site also recently signed Paramount Pictures.

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