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Hulu drops price to $6 per month

The promotional offer is good only for new subscribers and increases to the standard $8 monthly price after a year.


The commercial free version of Hulu still costs $12 a month.

Joan E. Solsman/CNET

With Netflix at $10 per month and Sling TV at $20, cutting the cable cord can start to add up. One of the most popular services, Hulu, is offering some relief.

The company's lowest monthly price for new subscribers is now $6, down from the $8 it used to charge. That buys you the version of Hulu that includes ads. The price of the ad-free version remains at $12 monthly. That's right: you have to pay double to skip ads. In my book, that's well worth it.

Hulu differentiates itself from Netflix and other streaming services by offering day-of on-demand TV shows from numerous popular TV networks ( here's a taste of October's slate). It's also ramping up original programming like "The Mindy Project" and "Casual," and even dipping its toe into virtual reality. Hulu's live TV streaming service is expected to launch next year.