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Hulu Plus rolls out new Apple TV app

Hulu says its redesigned app makes it easier to find the shows you watch most.


Hulu is boasting a redesigned Apple TVapp made specifically with the device in mind. The video-streaming company released the new app today.

The updated app, which requires a subscription with Hulu Plus, offers faster menu navigation.

It now shows content categories -- like TV, Kids, Latino, or Search -- in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. You can click on the category names to jump to each category and see the most-recently added content. The main screen also has a "Shows You Watch" tray to keep track of your most-watched series.

Hulu added some remote shortcuts as well. When you select a series you've been watching, you can access the latest episode by simply hitting "play." If want to turn on captions while watching a show, you can hold down the "select" button to get to subtitles and audio.

These features are available with the latest update of Apple TV's software. To make sure the device is up to date, go to "settings" on the home screen and under "general" choose the "update software" option.