Hulu Plus comes to WD TV Live Plus and Live Hub

Western Digital has added Hulu Plus streaming support to the WD TV Live Plus and WD TV Live Hub streaming-media boxes.

Western Digital TV Live Hub

Western Digital's digital media streamers have always been solid options for playing back your mishmash digital media collection, but now they're one step better at handling premium services, too. Western Digital announced today that Hulu Plus support is coming to both the WD TV Live Plus and WD TV Live Hub network media players, and the WD TV Live Hub is also gaining Shoutcast support. Hulu Plus joins WD TV's already decent suite of streaming-media services, which includes Netflix, Pandora, CinemaNow, Blockbuster, and YouTube.

With the street price of the WD TV Live Plus coming in at $90, it's definitively a compelling alternative to more-high-profile competitors like Apple TV and the new Roku 2, especially if you tend to watch more local media files rather than streaming content. The big caveat on both units is that they're Ethernet only, so you'll to invest in a USB dongle or create your own workaround if you don't have Ethernet in the living room.

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