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Hulu lands first music label deal

Music videos are a hot property and up to now have been dominated by YouTube. But the top recording companies are branching out.

Hulu, the Web's No. 2 video service attracting viewers by offering full-length films and TV shows, now wants to become a video jukebox.

Singer Norah Jones will be the first EMI artist to appear on Hulu as part of a new agreement between the companies. EMI Music

EMI Music, one of the four largest recording companies, struck a deal to offer its artists' select concert footage and music videos on Hulu.

Music videos have appeared at Hulu before but this is the site's first wide-ranging agreement with a major label, EMI said in a statement. Exclusive material from singer Norah Jones will help kick off the deal.

The partnership with EMI means Hulu, formed by News Corp. and NBC Universal, will compete more with YouTube for music fans.

This is an important battleground. Music videos are the most popular video fare on YouTube, the Internet's best-watched video site. Already, YouTube has seen Universal Music Group create a standalone site--the video service Vevo.

While YouTube powers Vevo's back end, the site will not be part of YouTube. Universal has already signed Sony Music Entertainment, the second largest label and is in negotiations with EMI and Warner Music Group about joining.

Vevo is due to launch sometime next month.