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Hulu goodbye: US video-on-demand service not coming to UK

Hulu's plans to come to the UK have stalled, with ITV pulling out of talks. Get your finger out, ITV

Hulu's plans to launch in the UK appear to have ground to a halt. The Telegraph reports that ITV has pulled out of talks with the free, ad-supported video-on-demand service, leaving it stuck for content deals.

ITV wants its ITV Player service to grow before it starts letting other people use its content. Meanwhile, Channel 4 and Five are quibbling over the advertising model.

Presently, the BBC's iPlayer is the best of the Web-based TV services, which also include 4oD, SeeSaw and blinkbox. But there's still no easy way to access the vast wealth of archived British telly, and US content is fairly hard to see. If Hulu were to make it over here, that might solve both problems, especially if it did away with frustrating messages like the one pictured above.

Channels keeping content in their own walled garden may make sense in the segregated world of television, but this is the Internet: deals that make it easier for us to find our favourite shows in one place are the way forward. Fingers crossed for the arrival of joint venture Project Canvas.