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Hulu arrives on Comcast's Xfinity Flex streaming box

Comcast's streaming box now has another popular video service.

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The Hulu app on Comcast's Xfinity Flex. 


As people around the US remain hunkered downComcast's Xfinity Flex is getting another popular app to keep its users entertained. On Thursday the cable giant announced it's bringing Hulu to its free streaming box.

The app, which is available now on the Flex, will be coming to Comcast's X1 cable boxes "soon." Voice control will also be added to both Flex and X1 users. 

Offered as a free streaming box for its home broadband users, Xfinity Flex is Comcast's Roku rival that offers access to apps such as Netflix, HBO, Showtime, YouTube, Pandora and Amazon Prime Video. It also offers free movies and TV shows from services like Pluto, Tubi and Xumo. 

If you have the proper TV and a compatible streaming service you can stream content in 4K through Flex. You can also sign up for services like Netflix through the box and have it added to your monthly cable bill. 

Comcast says that those who want additional Flexes are able to get them for $5 a month per box. Those who don't want a Flex can return it at any time.

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